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Student Activities

TU’s Student Activities Office holds events on campus for students to enjoy.  A variety of clubs, organizations 和 activities are available to students. TU also is home to varsity 和 junior varsity athletics for both men 和 women.

We encourage all students to become involved in campus life.  This is a great way to meet new people 和 to gain leadership skills. Participating in new activities provides opportunities for exploration of new skills 和 interests.

Our 校园 Activity Board (CAB) is comprised of students who are interested in planning 和 organizing on-campus activities throughout the year.

Some of the events include:

  • 欢迎周
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • 食物驱动
  • 保龄球之夜
  • 春天的星期
  • 毕业一周

Students have also participated in activities such as Survivor, 漆夜, 读书俱乐部, 艺术展览, 和 corn hole tournaments.

当然, students are also encouraged to attend athletic events 和 cheer on the Night Hawks to victory! TU has 13 men’s 和 women’s varsity 和 junior varsity teams. Thomas 大学 is a division one NAIA institution participating in the Sun Conference.

Be sure to follow Student Activities on 脸谱网, 推特Instagram to find out more about what’s happening on campus.

Clubs 和 Organizations

TU also has many clubs 和 organizations in which students can participate.

Academic Honor Societies

TU also has a number of academic honor societies. Membership in honor societies depends on each organization’s specific requirements.

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